Coral Necklace

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Coral Necklace
A white Coral, pale pink color, consisting of 33 beads of 12.5 – 13 mm Ø, with a 18K/ 750 yellow gold clasp, length: 51 cm, 114.1 g.

The clasp is made in Rome (Italy) and represents the Colosseum.
Hallmarks: LLB or L43

GGTL Gemlab Oral Report: 21-B-5979

Coral species: Red Coral
Pleurocorallium konojoi (Kishinouye 1903) (P. elatius complex, Tu et al., 2015).
Japan, China, Philippines

Corals of the family Coralliidae are known for their red or pink skeletons, which have been used since ancient times as ornaments, in medicine, for talismans, and as currency.
Therefore, they are considered “precious corals” and have been routinely harvested in the Mediterranean Sea for at least 5000 years.


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