Koralle Kette

Eine weisse Koralle, blassrosa Farbe,

bestehend aus 33 Kugel von 12.5 – 13 mm Ø,

mit einem (18K) 750 Gelbgold Schloss, Länge: 51 cm, 114.1 g.

Die Schliesse ist in Rom (Italy) hergestellt und stellt das Kolosseum dar.


Zustand: sehr gut

Punzen: LLB oder L43 750

Artikelnummer: 1617

GGTL Gemlab Mündliche Bericht: 21-B-5979

Coral species: Rote Koralle/Red Coral


Corals of the family Coralliidae are known for their red or pink skeletons, which have been used since ancient times as ornaments, in medicine, for talismans and as currency. Therefore, they are considered "precious corals" and have been routinely harvested in the Mediterranean for at least 5000 years. The first record of collecting precious corals in Japan dates back to 1812, a fisherman found a precious coral caught in his net.

The harvesting of these corals continues in the Kochi, Kagoshima and Okinawa regions of Japan to this day.


Koralle Kugel Kette

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